Python URL shortener microservice

Test this API:
URL must have a valid domain and follow the http(s):// format to get a meaningful response.
API response:

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This is a Python port of my Node.js URL shortener microservice project, built with Flask and SQLite. The above front end API test also uses Bootstrap, jQuery, and highlight.js. The API fulfills the following user stories:

  1. I can POST a URL to [project_url]/api/shorturl/new and I will receive a shortened URL in the JSON response.
    • Example: {"original_url": "", "short_url": 1}
  2. If I pass an invalid URL that doesn't follow the http(s):// format, the JSON response will contain an error like {"error": "invalid URL"}.
    • HINT: to be sure that the submitted url points to a valid site you can use the function dns.lookup(host, cb) from the dns core module.
  3. When I visit the shortened URL, it will redirect me to my original link.